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Mission Trip Opportunities within the United States


Disaster Recovery Mission Trip Opportunities within the United States or Globally

Small seed grants encourage and support participation of groups from UCC congregations and affiliated organizations to engage in international hands-on mission and service opportunities through UCC/Disciples Global Ministries in areas of disaster, development or refugee ministries. Read More...
  CWS Kits (Health, Baby and School kits) are needed year round for distribution in times of disasters and rehabilitation. Visit the Church World Service website for instructions on assembly and shipping kits. Read more...
Assist in resettling - Church World Service Affiliate office.

Foods Resource Bank offers congregations the opportunity to help hungry people feed themselves. Great project for linking rural, urban and suburban congregations. Read more...


Join OGHS in investing through Micro-Credit organizations such as ECLOF International, Oiko Credit, and Freedom from Hunger.


All gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing are tax deductible and 100% of designated gifts go to the designated area of response. Non-designated funds also are highly encouraged. They allow One Great Hour of Sharing to address hidden and forgotten emergencies around the world.