Love Notes #9

Within the story of our faith is a living story that describes the love of God for all people. It offers an ever-expanding understanding of what love is, and we are blessed to see the face of God in the faces of God’s beloved. Also within our story of faith is a continuing narrative of the march toward justice for all God’s people. We are reminded again and again that justice is a God-given right for all people.

Today, on the National Trans-Visibility Day, we witness how these two parallel aspects of our faith story are active in the lives and struggles of trans youth, and our faith motivates us…

  • As people of faith, to stand together against the hate that challenges God’s promise of love, reminding all trans youth that they are so deeply loved.
  • As people of faith, to stand together against the oppression and injustice aimed at trans youth that challenges God’s call for justice, demanding a halt to the assault on their rights and personhood.
  • As people of faith, to stand together with trans youth, embodying God’s love and seeking God’s justice.

Rev. Mark Pettis (he, him, his)
Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations Minister
Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations Wider Church Ministries
United Church of Christ, National Ministries

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