Love Notes #8

My Dear Trans and Gender Non-Binary Beloveds,

It is my prayer that you feel the embrace and love by so many who you are.  That you are seen and appreciated and are not alone in your journey to live your authentic self.

As a minister for the national setting of the United Church of Christ, which includes ministry for expansive inclusivity especially in rural, small town, and ethnic identified and communities of Color, I am committed in standing with you in all these settings and will not let hate win.  I humbly and proudly support National Trans-visibility Day…and as a special message to our trans-youth and your families…we are working for a better tomorrow for you!

Bendiciones y Paz,


Rev. Roberto Ochoa, M.Div.
(el, he, his, him)
Minister for Ethnic Inclusion & Congregational Support for Rural & Small Churches
Faith INFO/Justice & Local Church Ministries
United Church of Christ, National Ministries

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