Love Notes #4

Dear Trans siblings,

We are resilient and full of the love of God. You empower me and remind me why this work of queer joy & resilience seeking justice is so vital. As a queer, trans, non-binary adult, I see you. I love and affirm every aspect of your being. Your trans magic and queer radiance is yours alone – a gift given to you by God.

I know this moment is really scary. I’m scared too, but I have so much hope in us. We have been here before. Our queer and trans ancestors have been here before. They will show us the way through. We are not going anywhere. And, that is worthy of celebration every day.

I have such hope for the love of God to speak louder than hate through our being, our drag, our photos, our communities, our laughter, our smiles, our honesty and our desires to flourish.

Let us stay tender and open, near to our communities and allies, of which you have in me, the United Church of Christ, and so many across the world.

Still here; still trans

Yours in Christ,

Rachael Ward, they/them
Team Lead & Minister for Gender & Human Sexuality Justice

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