Love Notes #37

Dear Beloved Child of God,

Go back and read that greeting again. You are beloved and you are of God.

You have been formed from the majesty of the cosmos — the very stuff of stardust.

And you’ve been wonderfully made just as you are.

Let add my voice to the chorus of those apologizing if anyone has ever led you to believe otherwise. But also…

Let me add my words and speak up so you know you are never, ever alone.

Let me add my arms to help shield you from the slings and arrows.

Let me add my actions to fight for dignity and justice.

And let me add my love to the love that surrounds you, for you deserve nothing less.

Dear Beloved Child of God, you are beloved and you are of God.

Rev. Marisa Sifontes
St. John’s Episcopal Church
Roanoke, Virginia

Categories: Trans-Visibility Day - Love Notes

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