Love Notes #33

Each day I pray for a world where there is no hate and no othering of God’s children.

Unfortunately, there are those in our world who cannot see beyond themselves – their own hate, their biased-based fears, their perceived infringements.  And so my prayer will be repeated tomorrow.

While my prayers continue, today I want to offer an assurance.  My trans friends…

I see you.  I see your struggles and I see your courageous authenticity.  I see someone whom I admire and celebrate.

While not all, there are many of us in the church that see you.  We see you as you authentically are, we pledge ourselves to keep you safe and we value your place in our community because you make us more the church God wants us to be.

Above all, God sees you.  God takes pride in all that is uniquely you.  And God calls you beloved.

Please know that you are seen…you are valued…you are loved. 

Gordon Rankin
Conference Minister
New Hampshire Conference

Categories: Trans-Visibility Day - Love Notes

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