Love Notes #30

Dear holy child,
You are made of star dust and moon beams and the invisible yarn of the universe knit together by a tender hand that knows only love and how to spin it into most beautiful of creatures whose existence is a miracle.

You are this miracle.

You are a perfect creation of nature and holiness, of matter and mystery, bound together with the most sacred of senses that brings us into being – a sense of self. Seldom spoken of, yet truly the most important one over sight, sound, smell and so on, our sense of self is the commonality we all share. It is what allows us to both be God and do God, for God is the action of loving each other into being, of seeing each other not through our own mind’s eyes but through each other’s. Loving each other into being is holy work; I see you as you see yourself – whole, complete, beloved, incredible.  

Dr. Sherry Warren
Minister for Women’s and Gender Justice
United Church of Christ National Ministries

Categories: Trans-Visibility Day - Love Notes

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