Love Notes #3

Dear Friend, as you move through this phase of your life, know that you are journeying with people who love you and support you, as you are. You are not alone. I am grateful for your integrity and authenticity, as you live into embracing yourself in the fullness and beauty of who you are. I am a mother who is committed to the rights of all and in particular to the rights of transgendered people. 

My child travelled this journey many years ago. I was there with them, making sure they were safe as they travelled the path of living wholeness. It was important to me that they knew how much they were loved and cared for, that they knew they were safe, and that my love was unwavering as they transitioned. I extend the same love and care to you today, with the commitment to the continued fight to ensure your rights are fully available to you. My commitment is to ensure that you know there are those who stand with you and will have your back as you live and love yourself.

Thank you for being you. The Universe surrounds and loves you, as I do. Be who you are made to be.

With much love,

Rev. Dr. Karen Georgia A. Thompson (she, her)
Associate General Minister for Wider Church Ministries
and Co-Executive for Global Ministries
United Church of Christ, National Ministries

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