Love Notes #24

Beloved, I have just a few things I need to tell you. First – you are beautifully and wonderfully made. God created you to be the incredible soul that you are, and the world is better for having you in it.

Second, you are not alone! I know the world is scary right now. I know the voices of hatred and bigotry are loud. But I have your back. My family and friends have your back. My congregation has your back. When those voices of hatred rise loud and terrifying, know that we are all lifting our voices even louder in love. Which brings me to my final point: you are so loved! If your biological family doesn’t show it, let others be your family. If your community doesn’t show it, knock the dust from your shoes and find a new community. God made you in love. God surrounds you in love. You are deserving of love. And although I have never met you, I love you.

~Rev. Leslie Mamas
Norristown, Pennsylvania

Categories: Trans-Visibility Day - Love Notes

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