Love Notes #15

Dear Child of God,

We see you.
We see the holiness of God’s own image that resides in you for life.
We see the joy that you bring to those who are lucky enough to know and walk with you.
We see the pain that you endure when others can’t, or won’t see who you are.
We see the tenuous places in which you must live and work. And we see, too, the thin, holy places you inhabit – where nothing is black and white, where boundaries must be reimagined and redrawn.
We see your openness; may God do a new thing in you.
We see your courage; may God do a new thing through you.
We see the sadness that may lie in the path behind you.
But we also see the blessedness of your whole life as it stretches ahead.
And we see a cloud of witnesses that believes in your goodness, your worthiness, your still-becoming story.
Always remember this: you are blessed, and you are beloved, Child of God.
You are seen, you are heard, and you are never alone.

Peace to you,

Rev. Erin Wathen
Grace Immanuel United Church of Christ

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