Love Notes #11

Dearly Beloved Child of God,

This is a note to let you know that you are dearly beloved as a child of God. There is nothing you can do that takes that love away from you. There is nothing anyone else can do that takes that love away from you. You are unconditionally and unequivocally loved by God, and God desires everything for you and your life that you do. I know it seems that there are many against you. But please know that there are as many, if not more supporting you than those who stand against you. We in the United Church of Christ believe that you have every right to be you, and we will not stop fighting for your rights until you have them. We firmly believe that love wins, hate will not, and we love you, as you are, every bit as God does. As person of color and a same gender loving person, I also know how the Church may have hurt you. Please know that I am part of a church that affirms your gender identity and is here to love you. May God bless you.


Rev. Freeman L. Palmer

Categories: Trans-Visibility Day - Love Notes

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