KYP: Families Belong Together

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Keep Famlies Together Protest

Keep Families Together
UCC leaders add their voices to a national call to action to end the purposeful separation of families at the U.S. border. Read more >>

Cleveland Pride

Pride in Cleveland
The UCC kicks off Pride month on Saturday in the national setting’s home city, with a visible presence at the parade and following festival. Read more >>

A Dangerous Decision
UCC leadership is dismayed with the Supreme Court decision in Colorado Cakeshop case. Read more >>
A Ministry of Hospitality
A Pennsylvania congregation prepares an Iftar meal for their Muslim neighbors, in an annual celebration of food, fellowship and fun. Read more >>
When Jesus Comes Home
The Rev. Ozzie E. Smith Jr., senior pastor of Covenant United Church of Christ in South Holland, Ill., is the featured preacher June 10 on “Day 1”. His sermon, based on Mark 3:20-35, talks about Jesus – and family. “Jesus recognizes the power of connection when there is faith in the family.” Listen in >>
Make the UCC Story Your Story
Interactive, engaging UCC identity materials are now available for congregations, new member classes, committees and more. Plan a summer program using the videos and discussion guides. Check out these resources today >>
On Fatherhood
What does it mean to be a father; how do the memories you carry close to your heart connect to the sacred? Listen to the podcast >>
Interfaith religious leaders and scientists join together to fight climate change
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Illinois pastor who blazed a trail for women, led in social activism, set to retire
ACLU honors New Hampshire pastor
Oakland church urges congregation never to call the cops
Amazon’s HQ2 and Texas’ Lack of LGBT Protections
Keeping protest peaceful
A California church flirts with an unusual social experiment: to never call police again
Documentary on mass incarceration finds an audience in Kentucky
Indiana pastor asks local school board to add gender identity to nondiscrimination policy
Minnesota church kicks off summer concert season
Illinois churches participate in summer meals program
Massachusetts church celebrates 150 years
New coalition of religious leaders and scientists declare climate change an emergency
Illinois pastor to retire, take up writing
Cathedral of Hope to participate in Pulse memorial
Ohio church replaces cross
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Talking MLK, Robert George and Cornel West offer antidote to partisanship
The Mormon Church grapples with its global identity and legacy on race
Valerie Jarrett calls Roseanne Barr’s racist tweet a ‘teaching moment’
What religion gives us (that science can’t)
Europe: Not as secular as you think
Catholic Diocese banned valedictorian’s speech, so the teen found a megaphone
These Evangelicals are turning AR-15s into garden hoes
In the U.S., Muslims are making slow inroads toward a greener Ramadan
Catholic church in Texas rises after Harvey
The (holy) ghost in the machine: Catholic thinkers tackle the ethics of artificial intelligence
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