Exploring UCC History, Polity, and Theology

Exploring UCC History, Polity, and Theology

Welcome to Exploring UCC History, Polity, and Theology, a curriculum resource for exploring how the United Church of Christ thinks, proclaims, works, equips, and engages each part of the denomination to be the hands and feet of Christ in the world.

Why use this curriculum?

Understanding the denomination of which you are a part—its commitments, its understanding of God in the world, its history and structures and visions—deeply matters. When we invest our time and talent, gifts and service, prayers and presence in the United Church of Christ faith community, it is important to understand the purpose of that community.

Whom is this for?

The curriculum is composed of several learning sessions that can be used independently or together to create a series. It is designed for confirmation, adult small groups, retreats, new member courses, Committees on Ministry, conference boards, and other any gathering of folks who are curious about what it means to be a part of the UCC. Check out the overview for suggested series of lessons for different contexts; but, above all, select and arrange the sessions to fit your context.

How does it work?

Each learning session includes a facilitator guide, video, resources, and activities to help you explore more fully the unique history, governance structure, and theological commitments of the UCC as well as how the story of this denomination is still unfolding. Simply download the facilitator guide for the lessons you’ll teach and use the link provided to view the videos in that session.

What else should I know?

Read an overview curriculum and how it works here.

Exploring UCC History, Polity, and Theology


Part One: Our Heritage and Beginnings


Part Two: Church Polity: Organization, Structures, and Relationships


Part Three: Ministry: Local and Global