United Church of Christ

Exploring UCC History, Polity, and Theology

Welcome to Exploring UCC History, Polity, and Theology, a curriculum resource for teaching, learning, and exploring how the UCC thinks, proclaims, works, equips, and engages each part of the denomination to be the hands and feet of Christ in the world. Use this with confirmation, adult small groups, retreats, new member courses, Committees on Ministry, conference boards, and other any gathering of folks who are curious about what it means to be a part of the UCC.

How It Works

Each learning session includes a facilitator guide, video, resources, and activities to help folks explore the unique history, governance structure, and theological commitments of the UCC. You can access all the lessons and resources through this site, as well as download any files you need.

A few more details:

Facilitator Guide
The facilitator guide is the key resource. Use it to find important background information—the lesson plan, activities, and tips for engaging learners.

Video Learning
Each session utilizes a video that combines knowledge, humor, and practice within the UCC to introduce learners to the topic.

Chart Your Path
Each flexible lesson can be used on its own or you can combine lessons in a sequence to build on an area of focus.

Group Use
Lessons can be used for confirmation, adult small groups, retreats, new member courses, Committees on Ministry, conference boards, or other gatherings.

Lesson Structure

Each lesson follows a similar structure that is sure to help your group easily learn and explore. As you’ll see in each facilitator guide, there are four main parts.

Before a gathering, facilitators can utilize the facilitator guide to grow in their own understanding of the material.

In each lesson, an activity and video set the stage for learners and let everyone encounter the material together.

Folks continue to engage the material through a variety of individual or group activities that span learning styles and activity levels.

Time wraps up with reflection, lingering questions, and prayer.


The United Church of Christ: Our faith is 2,000 years old. Our thinking is not.

Part One: Our Heritage and Beginnings
Part Two: Church Polity: Organization, Structures, and Relationships
Part Three: Ministry: Local and Global