KYP: A Dangerous Decision

Keep Famlies Together

God has no ‘Other’
The national leaders of the United Church of Christ speak out against the Supreme Court ruling upholding the Muslim travel ban. Read more >>


Keep Families Together
Children protest separation of families at the U.S. border as UCC advocates come together online to talk strategy around immigration reform. Read more >>

An Ohio church draws its community together in prayer and protest. Read more >>

Seattle area churches band together to support immigrants held at Sea-Tac Detention Center. Learn more >>

A Global Ministries partner at the U.S. Mexico border sends this letter. Read the letter >>

Grassroots organizations in Central American speak out about zero tolerance. Learn more >>

Poor People’s Campaign
Forging ahead, pushing for change in public policy to protect the vulnerable among us.  Read more >>

A Day of Church Music
Join the UCC Musicians Association for an August 25 workshop to inspire, educate and nurture those who minister through music and the arts. Learn more and register today >>
What’s Your Status?
Tomorrow is National HIV Testing Day.  Everyone has a status, do you know yours? The United Church of Christ encourages you to know, or get tested to find out.Learn more >>
Two Days in Montana
When was the last time you had a spiritual awakening? Listen to the podcast >>
UCC advocates heartened but undeterred by executive order ending family separations at border
UCC Tucson pastor: Protest policies, protect people
UCC Minister: Pope Francis affirms ecumenism at World Council of Churches 70th Anniversary Celebration
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UCC GMP lauds New Hampshire minister for her courage
Poor People’s Campaign rally ends with vows to keep organizing and protesting
Maryland church holds vigil for reunification of families separated at U.S./Mexico border
Massachusetts church safe haven for gay immigrants
UCC officer asks, ‘Can we give a little grace to one another?’
Children protest separation of families at the US border
New Hampshire minister banned from helping Indonesians at ICE Office
How public figures are responding to the family separation policy
Oregon clergy denied access to ICE detainees
Illinois pastor pulls optimism from tragedy
  More >>
Presbyterians demur on divestment from fossil fuels
Group of Methodists signs letter charging Sessions with ‘child abuse,’ ‘immorality’ and ‘racial discrimination’
On World Refugee Day, Muslim family recalls warmer welcome in decades past
‘Ministry of presence’: Chaplains offer support to community, police officers
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