KYP: A 3GL Roadshow

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Granville Team
3 Great Loves – Spreading the Word

A Penn Northeast (Penn NE) Conference leader is on a spiritual journey, spending his Sundays with several different congregation and preaching about 3 Great Loves. Read more >>

Ravi Ragbir
A Bold Statement
NY Immigration advocates applaud judge’s rebuke of ICE, freedom for New Sanctuary Coalition leader. Read more >>
A Call to Action
Remembering Echol Cole and Robert Walker, the Memphis Sanitation Strike, and the struggle people of faith must give themselves to until the end. Here’s how to get involved in the work for a just world for all >>
An Unsure State of the Union
UCC leaders respond to first Trump State of the Union Address. Read more >>
A Summer of Service
Young adults 19 or older are invited to spend May through August in faith communities to offer service and do justice. Learn more >>
Pitchers and Catchers
How do you mark the end of the long night of winter, and the hope of the coming spring? Listen to the podcast >>
UCC leaders celebrate Cleveland baseball team decision to retire logo
Climate Movement answer to Trump State of the Union begins with resistance
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Judge grants Christian Indonesians time to fight deportation
Sanctuary churches take in immigrants, take on Trump
Missouri man takes refuge in UCC Church
Boards in New England move forward on forming new conference
From foster child to ministry
Sanctuary movement rapidly growing, thanks to Trump
Clergy in Maryland gather to bless one of the only U.S. clinics performing late-term abortions
Closing of one of the oldest local Ohio churches is a good thing, officials says
Oregon church declares itself an immigrant welcoming church
New Illinois pastor wants to unveil her church’s secrets
Fifty years of ‘The Future of Integration’
Oklahoma minister has message for some lawmakers: ‘Stop obsessing over bathrooms and weddings’
North Carolina church cemetery to be moved for road widening
Local Pride parade organizers in Illinois to meet with clergy
Iowa death penalty bill’s progress in doubt
UCC pastor: Philanthropy has an extraordinary opportunity to help religious institutions in crisis
UCC Connecticut Conference staff climbs to better health
Washington church decision to help those most in need displaces preschool
UCC minister: Faith bodies must affirm opposition to nuclear war
New faculty announcements at Lancaster Seminary: Catherine Williams & Rev. Stephen J. Wolma
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An up close look at church attendance in America
Faith leaders mark 50th anniversary of Memphis sanitation workers’ deaths
U.S. bishops condemn Trump’s proposal to end chain migration, says it threatens families
Faith groups, nonprofits team up to help homeless around Super Bowl
U.S. Episcopal diocese votes to stop using masculine pronouns for God
New Bible app creates online community for progressive Christians
Michigan churches make changes to mass to prevent spread of the flu
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