Homegrown Faith and Justice: Family Resource and Panel Discussion

What is the unique role parents and guardians play in the faith formation of their families?  What are the joys and challenges parents encounter as they try to raise children with faith, empathy, a sense of fairness and the courage to act justly? How is the church supporting them, and how might we further support their efforts?  

Join us for this conversation with a panel of colleagues on the intersections of faith formation, justice advocacy, and the unique role of parents as the primary faith teachers of children in day-to-day life.  Learn about Homegrown Faith and Justice, a use-at-home resource for families that’s been published thanks to a sponsorship from the United Church of Christ Minnesota Ashley Endowment Fund. 

Click here for video: Homegrown Faith and Justice: Conversations on Faith Formation at Home.

Video contributors:

Mr. Wade Zick serves as Associate Conference Minister of Faith Formation for Children and Youth in the Minnesota Conference of the United Church of Christ.

Ms. Debbie Gline Allen is a Commissioned Minister of Christian Formation at the United Church of Christ in North Hampton, NH, and serves as the Chairperson of the Association of United Church Educators.

The Rev. Shernell Edney serves as Program Associate for Advocacy, Mission Interpretation and Education with Global Ministries and has been an active Justice LED trainer for the UCC since the program began in 2009.

The Rev. Dr. Peter A. Wells served until recently on the staff of the UCC Massachusetts Conference. Peter currently supports trainers and congregations with Justice Leaders Engaging and Developing (Justice) program as a Justice LED Organizer on a part-time basis, along with the Rev. Lizette Merchan Pinilla.

Rev. Nancy Rosas, one of the writers of the Homegrown Faith and Justice book, serves as Minister for Spiritual Formation at Washington Park UCC in Denver, Colorado.

Ms. Amy Johnson, one of the writers of the Homegrown Faith and Justice book, is Our Whole Lives coordinator for the UCC.

The Rev. Dr. Olivia Bryan Updegrove serves as one of three Ministers for Family and Children’s Ministries on behalf of the Disciples of Christ and the United Church of Christ.

The Rev. Kelly Burd is senior minister at Pilgrim Congregational UCC in Cleveland, Ohio. She was former Minister for Leadership Development with the UCC Justice and Witness Ministries team.