United Church of Christ

I will never forget Tuck

zar2.jpgBeing an intern at QC Family Tree via Summer Communities of Service has been one of the most enlightening, challenging, and fun summers I have had the privilege of experiencing. Charlotte, NC is a vast city of youth that have incredible dreams and goals. The youth at QC Family Tree go through so much in their daily lives, there are everyday obstacles that could deter them from reaching their goals, but absolutley nothing keeping them from smiling. I am so gratful for my opportunity to learn and grow with them all summer. 

I am extremely grateful for this opportunity I have been given to work with the youth and families ‘on Tuck road’. There have been days when home seemed so far and I wanted to run back, but the families in the Enderly Park neighborhood loved on me, listened to me, and treated me as a true family member. 

zar.jpgThere have been a plethora of new things I have tried since being here, such as: hiking, treading through river waters, participating in bike rides, cooking for large groups of people, utilizing public transportation, and living with complete strangers. My goal/motto of this summer was to learn and grow. I have learned how to love people I don’t even know with all that is within me. I have grown to love everyone on ‘Tuck’. They have truly changed my life for the better. I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world.


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