Offering Reminder

Prayer Station


Find a place in your church that would be an appropriate place for people to pray. Consider setting up a table where people can write down prayers or place stories and images that describe the people and communities prayed for during worship.

Materials Needed

Stories can be found at or on Facebook at


During your prayer time, lift up the person, family or community you selected from our website. Share their need during an appropriate time (Prayers of the People, Joys and Concerns, etc.) Include them in the prayer time when you normally pray for other members of your congregation. Select a different story for each week the One Great Hour of Sharing offering is being promoted.


Through praying for others within our worship space, they become more real to us and become a part of our community. We begin to care for them and become more aware of the situations that are being addressed through the One Great Hour of Sharing Special Mission offering.

Action Request

If you normally keep a log of the people you pray for, please add these special prayer requests to the log, or display them throughout the week at the Prayer Station. Ask members and friends to consider how God used our One Great Hour of Sharing offering to help restore and strengthen communities in ways beyond our imagination.Offer prayers for the people, their communities, and for the work we do with them through One Great Hour of Sharing.