Building Up a New World:
Congregational Organizing for Transformative Impact

You are invited to participate in an exciting new curriculum with a few (or many!) in your church.

We know churches can accomplish so much more with their people and resources than the good work you already do or feel called towards. Growing into better organizers will better “put progress where your passions are” and in doing so generate thriving new life in the pews and outside your church doors.

Building Up a New World is a book that will take you “beyond book studies,” and over 12 weeks your group will be guided through thorny justice issues, making commitments towards a concrete goal, and the strategic planning to accomplish that goal.

Churches are organizing bodies, postured towards positive change. We invest resources to address needs. Whether large or small, rural or urban, congregations organize people.

With “Beyond Book Studies: Building Up a New World,” you will be equipped to sit with hard questions, hear stories, learn practical wisdom and skills, and absorb diverse perspectives that help achieve bold, measurable, sustained justice – whether in your church, your community, or the wider world.

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Maybe you feel despair about the state of the world. Perhaps you’re frustrated with not knowing how best to make a difference or would just like to develop the skills to better organize with people to effect measurable progress. This curriculum is for you! Where two or three are gathered to build up a new world…congregational organizing for transformative impact is bound to happen.

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