‘Fill the Jar’ — a new UCC podcast focuses on economic justice

“People know that things aren’t right in this world right now,” said the Reverend Seth Wispelway, minister for Economic Justice with the United Church of Christ. “I wanted to create a resource for those who want to go a little deeper into why systems are not interested in people thriving. You aren’t losing it—capitalism and racism grind us down.”

Rev. Seth Wispelway hosts “Fill the Jar” — a UCC podcast about economic justice.

Fill the Jar, Wispelway’s new podcast will address this issue. “It’s not an information dump of inside language of economics, but something I hope will give people nourishment and sustenance in their day to day lives,” he said. “I want to show people that they are not alone.”

Jubilee, abundance, and reparations

Wispelway said he believes there are three main jars to fill when it comes to economic justice. “God commissions us to establish economies built around deeply-rooted justice, universal equity, and sustaining compassion so that all might thrive. We are to manifest jubilee, abundance and reparations.”

He said the jars can be described this way: jubilee is the cancellation of debts, abundance is plenty for all, and reparations are land and wealth return. Wispelway said his podcast will expound on these tenants, and will urge people to commit, transform, act and advocate.

The first episode of Fill the Jar can be found at the UCC Spotify channel. It’s an introduction to Seth and the idea of economic justice as seen through his lens. “We will have conversations around what people are feeling as so many are overwhelmed by the injustices we are witnessing.”

Wispelway has been with the UCC National Setting since August of 2023. His background is in organizing, and getting people excited about making a difference. “I’m looking for those who want a meaningful longterm connection,” he said. “Some weeks I will share interviews with colleagues, and other episodes will be pastoral reflection on a topic. We will continue to fight the good fight.”

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