UCC Brand Guidelines

These Identity Standards provide the guidelines for proper use of the various United Church of Christ (UCC) visual identity elements recently refined to provide a refreshed, updated and consistent look to the UCC Brand. These Identity Standards include a comprehensive identity system including logo and crest usage, typefaces, color palettes, photography use, correspondence guidelines and templates for Conferences and Churches to use when using both their logos/names and the United Church of Christ logo/name.

These standards have the endorsement of the General Minister and President; oversight for proper use is the responsibility of the Office of Philanthropy, Technology, Identity & Communication (OPTIC).

Proper and consistent use of the United Church of Christ logos, crest, and marks will enable the UCC to achieve clarity, accuracy and efficiency in all print and digital communications and better position the UCC brand while better aligning throughout its organizational and operational structure – from the National Setting offices in Cleveland to Conferences, Churches and other UCC-affiliated entities.