Disaster Recovery – Port Arthur, Texas

The Disaster Event:

Hurricane Harvey (August 2017) brought sustained torrential rains and devastating flooding to Texas, leaving 900,000 people in need. It caused an estimated $150 to $200 billion in damages, making it among the costliest hurricanes in U.S. history.

Among people hit hardest were renters in already economically precarious Port Arthur. Flooded apartments there included 17 rental units managed by the Southeast Texas Community Development Corporation, a local non-profit. SETCDC has provided low-income housing for more than 30 years, but neither they nor their tenants had the resources to restore severely damaged apartments.



UCC Disaster Ministries partnered with SETCDC to get the work done.  In 2018, we:

  • fielded 11 work teams comprising 100 persons. They put in volunteer labor valued at $86,400 rehabilitating the volunteer house and 13 rental properties, which enabled 15-20 people to return home.
  • deployed UCC Partners in Service Disaster Volunteers Garrett and Elaine Cavanaugh, and Bill and Ellen Matten, whose combined service is valued at $57,000.
  • funded a construction manager and Hurricane Harvey Recovery Co-Coordinators Joshua Lawrence and Amariee Collins.

2018 funding: $367,788

In 2019 … 

UCC Disaster Ministries provided $50,000 additional support for completion of 16 rental homes in Port Arthur and two in Beaumont. Good news: At last word, Tropical Storm Imelda did not affect any of these renovated properties.

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