Why We Worship

“Come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the Lord our Maker; for God is our God and we are the people of God’s pasture, the flock under God’s care.” – Psalm 95:6-7

I’ve been a church worship leader for decades so I’ve heard every imaginable element of the “worship wars.”

“They sing too loud.”
“They sing too traditionally.”
“I hate hymns.”
“Praise groups aren’t as intellectually stimulating as hymns.”
“Lyrics on screens are too distracting.”
“We need a screen so everyone knows the lyrics.”
“We love the organ. No band!”
“We love the band. No organ!”

The Church gets so focused on how we worship that we forget why we worship.

We argue about our preferences when worship is supposed to be a completely selfless act. It’s not supposed to be about the worship style but that we worship with our whole heart.

This Lenten season, join me in waving a white flag in the worship wars. Push yourself to consider who God is to you instead of how a song sounds to you.

We belong to the flock of the Most High, welcome in God’s pasture, regardless of our shortcomings. That thought alone should at least stir up a heartfelt “Hallelujah,” even if the choir isn’t singing in our favorite key.


Let the words of my mouth be acceptable in your sight—whether they come from a hymnal or a worship screen. Amen.

About the Author
Marchaé Grair is the Director of Public Relations and Outreach for the Unitarian Universalist Association and a member of South Euclid United Church of Christ, South Euclid, Ohio.