At the name of Jesus every knee should bow. – Philippians 2:10a (NIV)

We need knee replacement surgery. We are just bone-on-bone. Knees are important to prayer and to protest – and they are a great gesture. Protesters taking the knee before police. Police taking the knee before protesters. Bowing towards each other is great; bowing towards something larger than yourself, like Jesus, is even better.

We can get knee surgery!

Before what do we bow? Finding out what really matters, while black lives matter, or finding out what it means to matter, is important. The hunger for meaning is huge. It allows us to join in the larger largeness. 

Jesus really matters. So does Allah. So does Yahweh. So does the God beyond God. People matter because the larger largeness is what really matters. Prayer matters and protest matters and, even more, the destiny of the human matters. The nameless one matters even more. The divine energy was there before the human and will be there after the human.

After the spiritual knee operation, we’ll wish we had done it so much sooner. We will love our new flex and ability to bend.

Bowing towards each other is possible when we have a third power, a third way, a deeper understanding of what the heaven we are doing here on earth in the first place. It is ultimate.


Help us to fall down on our knees and from there to look up, down and all around. Amen.

Donna SchaperAbout the Author
Donna Schaper is Senior Minister at Judson Memorial Church in New York City. Her most recent book is I Heart Francis: Letters to the Pope from an Unlikely Admirer.