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UCC Volunteer Engagement is part of the Global H.O.P.E. Team of UCC Wider Church Ministries. Groups and individuals can connect with U.S. host sites and access preparation and post-service commitment materials.

UCC Volunteer Engagement opportunities include:

  • Service as a UCC Disaster Response and Recovery volunteer helps people rebuild their physical homes and is an act of presence that demonstrates the commitment to walk beside people as they seek to rebuild their lives. Serve as a group or as an individual for week-long periods. Together, we can be the body of Christ in the world.
  • The UCC’s Partners in Service program helps increase the service capacity of the partner host organizations and provides leadership development and the opportunity for volunteers to use gifts and skills.  Volunteers serve full time for periods of 1 – 12 months with a host and participate in networking activities with other Partners in Service volunteers. Open for adults of all ages.
  • Summer Communities of Service (SCOS) is a leadership program for young adults aged 19 and above. It focuses on intersecting faith communities, service, and justice advocacy. This national network is part of the joint work of the UCC and the Alliance of Baptists. Participants live and serve from late May to early August in host congregations around the United States. Housing, food, health insurance and a stipend are provided.
  • Young Adult Service Communities are 11-month leadership programs for young adults aged 21-35. They are unique opportunities to live in an intentional community with others who share a commitment to service and social justice. Housing, food, a stipend and health insurance are provided. Together, these young adult leaders are transforming communities through a faith-inspired pursuit of justice, collaborative action, and intentional living.

Why do I volunteer? That’s what I was taught to do. I was taught to respect all people, regardless of their current status in life. Everyone is just as important as the person wearing the suit.

Gail McAfee, North Carolina

Can’t volunteer your time? Join with us in the spirit of generosity and help us fund our mission.