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How can I find local churches near me?

Type in a Zip Code or City and State Name (i.e. Cleveland, OH) OR specific address, and then ‘enter/return’ on keyboard. Local UCC church results are returned on the map as markers and below the map as addresses. If you see no church in the first search results click the ‘-‘ (minus) button to the right of the “search” button to increase the search area. This will provide you with a list of local churches.

6375 S Platte Canyon Rd
Littleton, CO 80123-6534
Pastor: Rev. Stephen A. Poos-Benson
Open & Affirming: Y
Accessible: Y
5.2 mi.
3501 S Colorado Blvd
Englewood, CO 80113-4211
Pastor: Rev. Jenny Shultz-Thomas
Open & Affirming: Y
Accessible: Y
7.4 mi.
3001 S Acoma St
Englewood, CO 80110-1509
Pastor: Rev. Paul L. Ramsey
Open & Affirming: Y
Accessible: Y
7.9 mi.
5300 E Florida Ave
Denver, CO 80222-3544
Open & Affirming: N
Accessible: Y
10.1 mi.
1201 S Steele St
Denver, CO 80210-2037
Pastor: Rev. Selena Wright
Open & Affirming: Y
Accessible: Y
10.2 mi.
10700 E Evans Ave
Aurora, CO 80014-1006
Pastor: Rev. Tracy L. Hughes
Open & Affirming: Y
Accessible: Y
10.7 mi.
400 S Williams St
Denver, CO 80209-2639
Pastor: Rev. Dr. Lee Berg
Open & Affirming: Y
Accessible: Y
11.1 mi.
3250 E Sixth Ave
Denver, CO 80206-4407
Pastor: Rev Kari Collins & Rev. Christopher A. Gilmore
Open & Affirming: Y
Accessible: N
12.3 mi.
11992 E. Ohio Avenue
Aurora, CO 80012
Pastor: Rev. Jah Latchman; or Jah Rain
Open & Affirming: N
Accessible: N
12.6 mi.
100 Carr St
Lakewood, CO 80226-1309
Pastor: Rev. Curtis Preston
Open & Affirming: Y
Accessible: Y
13.3 mi.

Please notify your Conference for updates to the Find A Church listing.

What does “Accessible” mean in the church listing?

This indicates the location of a UCC congregation that is accessible to persons who have a physical disability.

What does “ONA” mean in the church listing?

ONA churches have adopted an “Open and Affirming” covenant welcoming all people, without regard to sexual orientation and gender identity, into the life and ministry of the congregation. However, many UCC congregations that for various reasons have not adopted an ONA covenant are nevertheless welcoming and safe communities for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals.

The Open and Affirming Coalition also provides information about ONA colleges and campus ministries, health and human service ministries, national ministries, online and virtual congregations, seminaries, conferences, and associations within the United Church of Christ.

What if I’ve felt unwelcome in other churches?

You’ll find a broad range of cultures and styles in our united and uniting church. Not all UCC congregations are the same: We’re proud of our diversity. The best way to find out if a local congregation suits your needs is to visit us!

What if there is no UCC church in my area?

Can’t find a church in your community? Visit the United Church of Christ’s online church community on Facebook.

How can my church update or correct our listing?

Please contact your Conference or Association and ask them to update the information in the denominational database (UCC Data Hub) from which Find a Church information is generated.

How can I find a UCC minister by name?

Please contact your Conference or Association.

The national staff does not give out ministerial contact information; however, this information may also be available through the annual UCC Yearbook & Directory or Access UCC (online searchable database), both of which can be purchased through UCC Resources.

Thank you for visiting our Churches near me map application.