Ministerial Updates for January 2024

Ministerial changes reported in the Data Hub—the UCC’s information system for ministers and churches—for new positions/calls entered into the system in January 2024.

CC: Congregational Christian
CM: Commissioned Minister
DS: Dual Standing
LM: Licensed Minister
LMS: Lay Ministerial Standing
MID: Member in Discernment
MS: Ordained Ministerial Partner Standing
OM: Ordained Minister
POC: Privilege of Call
U: Unknown/No UCC Standing
P: Pastor
SP: Senior Pastor
DT: Designated-Term Pastor
CP: Co-pastor
AP: Associate or Assistant Pastor
IN: Interim Pastor
SU: Supply Pastor
Y: Youth Ministry
OL: Other local church position
MM: Minister of Music
CE: Director of Christian Education

OM, Tadd Allman-Morton, DT, First Congregational UCC, Great Barrington, MA
U, Joel Aosved, P, The United Church of Ferndale, Ferndale, WA
OM, Joseph Bair, SP, South Park UCC, Rapid City, SD
U, Peter Billings, P, Trinity UCC, Fort Loudon, PA
U, Peter Billings, P, Saint Paul’s UCC, Mc Connellsburg, PA
OM, Dorothy Borden, DT, First Church UCC, Ludlow, MA
OM, Dorothy Borden, DT, Grace Union Church UCC, Wilbraham, MA
U, Wally Burman, IN, Vermilion UCC, Vermilion, OH
OM, Jodi Bushdiecker, AP, Manhattan Beach Community Church UCC, Manhattan Beach, CA
U, Jennifer Chapman, SP, Arlington Community UCC, Kensington, CA
OM, Virginia Child, IN, First Congregational UCC, Auburn, MA
OM, Jack Cuffari, P, First Congregational UCC, Haworth, NJ
OM, Stephen Davis, IN, First Congregational UCC, Tomah, WI
OM, John Edgerton, SP, Old South Church UCC, Boston, MA
OM, David Figliuzzi, P, Rocky Hill Congregational Church, UCC, Rocky Hill, CT
OM, Shannon Garrett-Doege, P, Community of Reconciliation UCC, Pittsburgh, PA
OM, Ruth Garwood, IN, First United Church of Christ, Eastlake, OH
OM, Lawrence Gipson, P, Mount Tabor UCC, Lexington, NC
U, Daniel Grimminger, P, United Church of Christ, Zoar, OH
OM, Andrew Harris, P, United Church of Christ Congregational, Burlington, MA
LM, Priscilla Hemmersbach, P, Congregational UCC, Sparta, WI
U, Doyle “Jay” Hurd, SP, Saint Paul’s UCC, Minonk, IL
MS, Sheryl Johnson, SP, Congregational Church of San Mateo UCC, San Mateo, CA
LM, C.J. King, P, Marlboro Meeting House, Marlboro, VT
OM, Robert LaRochelle, DT, Second Congregational Church of Stafford, UCC, Stafford Springs, CT
OM, Aaron Lauer, P, United Church of Christ Fort Lauderdale, Fort Lauderdale, FL
OM, Brenda Loreman, AP, Eden UCC, Hayward, CA
OM, Jeffrey Lukens, SP, South Britain Congregational Church, Southbury, CT
LM, Abigail Lutz, OL, Glenview Community Church Glenview, IL
MS, Kate Mackey, AP, Orchard Ridge UCC, Madison, WI
OM, Bert Marshall, DT, Congregational UCC, Plainfield, MA
OM, Yadi Martinez, P, First United Church of Christ Second Life, Twentynine Palms, CA
U, Grace Modla, SU, Community Church of Keyport, Keyport, NJ
OM, Rosemary Norris, CE, Mont Clare United Church of Christ, Chicago, IL
OM, Sally Norris, P, South Congregational Church of Barnstable UCC, Centerville, MA
LM, Micheal Petersen, P, First Congregational UCC, Fremont, NE
OM, William Pifer-Foote, IN, First Congregational UCC, Stockton, CA
U, Larissa Romero, P, Park Hill Congregational UCC, Denver, CO
LMS, Paul Sarver, SP, First Trinity UCC, Youngwood, PA
OM, Kurt Satherlie, IN, The First Congregational Church Canton Center, Canton Center, CT
OM, Susan Schneider-Adams, IN, Zwingli UCC, Paoli, WI
OM, Jessica Shine, P, Community Congregational Church, Tiburon, CA
OM, James Simonds, P, Mount Zion UCC, China Grove, NC
OM, Janice Steele, IN, College Avenue United Church of Christ, Modesto, CA
U, Michael Streib, OL, First Congregational UCC, Somerville, MA
OM, Daniel Tucker, P, Saint John’s UCC, Indianapolis, IN
OM, Mairolet Vega, AP, Coral Gables Congregational UCC, Coral Gables, FL
OM, Brenda Waddell, P, Old South Church UCC, Kirtland, OH
OM, John Westermeyer, IN, Saint John’s UCC, Newport, KY
OM, Robert Wilkins, P, Immanuel UCC, Darlington, WI
OM, Sherril Willis, DT, Congregational Church UCC, South Dennis, MA
OM, Irene Willis Hassan, P, Kailua Christian Church UCC, Kailua, HI
OM, Ellen Witko, P, The United Church of Christ of Annapolis, Edgewater, MD