Authorized Ministerial Updates November 2014

Ministerial changes reported in the Data Hub—the UCC’s information system for ministers and churches—for new positions/calls entered into the system in November 2014.

CC: Congregational Christian
CM: Commissioned Minister
DS: Dual Standing
LM: Licensed Minister
MID: Member in Discernment
MS: Ordained Ministerial Partner Standing
OM: Ordained Minister 
POC: Privilege of Call
U: Unknown/No UCC Standing
P: Pastor
SP: Senior Pastor
CP: Co-pastor
AP: Associate or Assistant Pastor
IN: Interim Pastor
SU: Supply Pastor
Y: Youth Ministry
OL: Other local church position
MM: Minister of Music
PE: Pastor Emeritus
CE: Director of Christian Education

OM, Leah McCullough, AP, The Good Shepherd UCC, Sahuarita, AZ
OM, Rick E. Marshall, P, Congregational UCC, Brea, CA
OM, Anton Dewet, SP, Danville Congregational Church, Danville, CA
DS, Tautua Amosa, P, First Cong Christian Church of Samoa in San Jose, Morgan Hill, CA
POC, Megan More, OL, MCC/UCC in the Valley, North Hollywood, CA
U, Iopu Amosa, P, First Samoan Congregational UCC in Oakland/Alameda, Oakland, CA
OM, Rhina Ramos, P, Latino Ministry, Oakland, CA
OM, Rhina Ramos, OL, Plymouth UCC, Oakland, CA
DS, Tala Faaleava, P, First Samoan Congregational UCC, San Francisco, CA
DS, Falepouono Falepouono, P, Faafouina Congregational Christian Church of American Samoa, South San Francisco, CA
OM, Rick Danielson, SP, Community UCC, Boulder, CO
OM, Sandy Cheatham, AP, United Church of Broomfield, Broomfield, CO
MS, Selena Wright, SP, Kirk of Bonnie Brae UCC, Denver, CO
U, Kathy Messier, CE, Congregational UCC, Berlin, CT
OM, Stephen Churchill Washburn, IN, United Churches of Durham UCC, Durham, CT
OM, Amy M. Forte, AP, Congregational Green Farms UCC, Westport, CT
OM, Victoria V Long, IN, North Port Community United Church of Christ, North Port, FL
OM, Lacey Brown, OL, Central Congregational UCC, Atlanta, GA
LM, Jose Jerez, P, Iglesia Unida de Cristo de Berwyn, Berwynn, IL
OM, Frances Feagans-King, P, Bethel United Church of Christ, Cahokia, IL
POC, Tasha Brown, SP, Galewood Community UCC, Chicago, IL
POC, Aaron McLeod, AP, Trinity UCC, Chicago, IL
DS, Ann Rosewall, SP, First Congregational Church, Evanston, IL
OM, Christine Smith Eckert, P, Immanuel United Church of Christ of Hamel, Hamel, IL
OM, Carla Banks, AP, Trinity United Church of Christ, Gary, IN
OM, John Heckman, SU, Zion United Church of Christ, Indianapolis, IN
DS, Kenneth Scott Bowie, P, Saint Peter’s UCC, South Bend, IN
OM, Jennifer Fair, SP, Immanuel UCC, Ellinwood, KS
DS, Mario Ruggia, SP, Congregational UCC, Kiowa, KS
OM, Holgie Choi, AP, Acton Congregational Church UCC, Acton, MA
OM, Amanda Harmeling, AP, West Parish Church UCC, Andover, MA
OM, Winston Baldwin Jr, IN, The First Church of Deerfield, Deerfield, MA
OM, Sherril Ann Willis, CE, First Congregational UCC, Montague, MA
LM, Peter Johnston, AP, Quincy Point Congregational Church UCC, Quincy, MA
OM, Mary Perry, SP, First Congregational UCC, Stoughton, MA
OM, Katie L Penick, IN, Zion UCC, Baltimore, MD
OM, Anne E. Holmes, P, United Church of Christ of Seneca Valley, Germantown, MD
OM, David A. Williams, SP, Emanuel UCC, Manchester, MI
OM, Harry D. Griffin, P, Faith Evangelical & Reformed UCC, Hickory, NC
OM, Paula Wells, P, Hebron United Church of Christ, Winston-Salem, NC
LM, David Johnson, P, United Church of Christ, Harvard, NE
LM, Maureen Lasell, P, Third Congregational UCC, Alstead, NH
MID, Catherine Merrill, P, Brookline Community Church, Brookline, NH
OM, Emily C. Heath, P, The Congregational Church in Exeter UCC, Exeter, NH
POC, Eric Jackson, P, Smith Memorial UCC, Hillsboro, NH
OM, Christine S. Boardman, IN, United Church of Christ, Keene, NH
OM, Kathryn M. Huey, P, Amistad Chapel, Cleveland, OH
U, Houston Hall, IN, West Park UCC, Cleveland, OH
POC, James Ellison, P, United Church of Christ Cong, Litchfield, OH
OM, Bonnie S. Montgomery, P, Grace United Church of Christ, Massillon, OH
OM, Bonnie S. Montgomery, P, Saint John’s UCC, Massillon, OH
U, Elizabeth Hagan, SP, Federated UCC, Weatherford, OK
U, Robert Peiffer, P, Saint Paul’s UCC, Bowmansville, PA
OM, Ray Holland, IN, Salem United Church of Christ, Elizabethville, PA
U, Robert Peiffer, P, Zion’s Reformed UCC, Ephrata, PA
OM, Jodi Shay, AP, Community United Church UCC, Erie, PA
U, Vicky Bush, P, Zion Church, Herndon, PA
MID, Cindy Killinger, P, Emmanuel UCC, Jacksonville, PA
U, Jeff Butz, P, Zion United Church of Christ, Kutztown, PA
MID, Cindy Killinger, P, Mount Bethel UCC, Mill Hall, PA
OM, John C. Binkley, SU, Grace Evangelical & Reformed UCC, Richland, PA
MID, Cindy Killinger, P, Salona United Church of Christ, Salona, PA
U, Kris Peterson, IN, Saint Luke’s UCC, Trappe, PA
MID, Steve Wilson, AP, Central Congregational UCC of Dallas, Dallas, TX
LM, Keith Edwards, P, Pilgrim Congregational UCC, Houston, TX
MID, Sabrina Jennings, P, Community Church, San Antonio, TX
U, Luke Nowell, P, Saint Stephen’s UCC, Harrisonburg, VA
LM, Connie Perry, AP, Saint John UCC, Appleton, WI
OM, Wendy J. Summers, IN, Congregational UCC, Cable, WI
U, Joylynn Graham, P, Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ, Dodgeville, WI
LM, Christine Wilke, IN, First Congregational Church of East Troy UCC, East Troy, WI
POC, David Bolz, P, Immanuel UCC, Kaukauna, WI
OM, James B. Firth, IN, Plymouth Congregational UCC, Madison, WI
OM, Wendy J. Summers, IN, Saint Paul’s UCC, Mason, WI
U, Joylynn Graham, P, Congregational UCC, Mineral Point, WI
OM, Zoe Kuester, IN, Roberts Congregational UCC, Roberts, WI

The Center for Analytics, Research and Data (CARD) provides oversight of the UCC Data Hub through which ministerial changes are made. However, Conferences and Associations are responsible for reporting changes and maintaining ministerial records in this system. If you have questions about this information, please contact the appropriate Conference or Association.

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