Commissioning and Covenant Service for Mission Trip Groups and Congregations

Commissioning and Covenant Service for Mission Trip Groups and Congregations

A Covenant & Commissioning Service
For Mission Teams and Congregations 




Moving out of our comfort zones allows us to see God in expanded ways.  Reaching out to others opens pathways for experiencing God’s action in new ways.  This group has committed themselves to travel together in unexpected places, to walk alongside unexpected people, and to witness to God’s work in the world in unexpected ways.

On this day, we commission you as a mission team to expect the unexpected.  And on this day, we, as a congregation, covenant to gratefully receive and actively engage with the expanded visions, the surprising experiences and the new ideas you bring back. We are expecting the unexpected.

Scripture:  Luke 24: 13-35

Commissioning of the Mission Team

One:      Two disciples walked the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus.  They did not notice the length of the
              journey because they were talking and discussing the events of the past days – seeing Jesus
              suffer and watching the community struggle.

Team:    On this journey, we promise attentiveness to the sacred space it gives to raise our awareness of the complexities
              of the world’s suffering and struggles.

One:       A stranger joins the journey, listens to the stories and gives them a new way to perceive their lives, the world and faith.

Team:     On this journey, we promise attentiveness to others we meet and to their different perceptions, view points, and experiences.

One:        As the disciples offer hospitality to the stranger and they sit together for a meal, the stranger blesses the food
               and gives it back to them.  In this acted of blessed sharing – of receiving and giving – the disciples recognize the risen Christ
               in their midst.

Team:     On this journey, we promise attentiveness to God in our midst – God who makes all things new.

Covenanting of the Congregation

One:       By participating in the commissioning of this group, we commit ourselves to accompany them in the unexpected twists of the journey,
               in the unexpected witnessing of faith, and in the unexpected things God would have us do in the world so the abundance of
               God’s resurrection life is reality for all.

One:       Let the disciples proclaim –

All:         The risen Christ is in our midst, making all things new!

Contact Info

Mary Schaller Blaufuss
Team Leader, Global Sharing of Resources
700 Prospect Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44115