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 Mission Trip Opportunities

The UCC is engaged in a campaign to highlight God’s love of neighbor, children and creation #3GreatLoves.  This edition of UCC Mission Trip Opportunities contains connections and tools to help you participate fully in this initiative.   Join the on-line community for 3 Great Loves and share the story of your mission trip.   http://3greatloves.uccpages.org/  
As a leader, your continued commitment to helping groups experience a mission trip changes lives.  Lives change within the group that travels and between communities that host groups as we engage in life-giving action together. Common bonds and common cause emerge when you and your group and your host community join in action toward a just world for all. 

If you are reading this, you probably already know the life-changing impact of meeting people in new locations and gaining awareness of justice issues from different perspectives. You likely already know that groups which step outside their comfort zone for the sake of others experience deepened relationships of faith.  You already are inspired to join with a host organization rooted in their own local community to help build a just world for all.  Let this UCC Mission Trip Opportunities resource help you in this journey.

    •    As you identify the host site with which you may serve, consider your group and your
         congregation.  What are your passions and strengths; your growing edges and need
         for e
xposure to new perspectives?  

    •    Explore offering your church as a Mission-Inn, a stop-over place for traveling mission
         teams and groups en route to justice vigils or church gatherings.  Check out details
         on-line or contact the UCC Volunteer Ministries Office.   
    •    Strengthen your skills as a leader of a youth mission trip.  Gain ideas and be
         encouraged in your own gifts.  “Catch the Service Bug” is a series of on-line video
         conversations highlighting group building, faith formation and impacts of mission
         trips.  http://www.ucc.org/volunteer_mission-trip-leaders-training

You can make a difference for the good in the world.   Thank you.   Together in #3Great Loves 

Keeping you in prayer.


Mary Schaller Blaufuss, UCC national setting Team Leader,
UCC Humanitarian & Development Ministries (One Great Hour of Sharing)
(Disaster, Refugee, Development and Volunteer Ministries)