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Death Penalties

Karen Campbell-Nelson serves with the Evangelical Church of West Timor as a Professor. Her appointment is supported by your gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing, Disciple's Mission Fund, Our Church's Wider Mission and special gifts to support her work.

In the middle of January on the island of Sumba (to the west of Timor), a young woman, 20 years old, was said to have fallen—or jumped—off the bus she was on and died. The Chief of Police in West Sumba, who learned from the woman’s parents that their daughter had sent them a cellphone message (SMS) saying she was uncomfortable as the only woman on the bus, was suspicious of bus driver’s claims and initiated an intense investigation.

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Feb. 15 - Transfiguration

Feb 15th is Transfiguration Sunday.  Mark 9: 2-9, The whole context of the Transfiguration story is that Jesus is teaching his disciples what it means to follow him.  As part of that experience, Jesus takes those disciples, Peter and James and John, to a high mountain apart, and chooses to give them a glimpse of his fullness.  The writer of Mark describes it poetically as “his clothes became dazzling white such as no one on earth could bleach them.”  Jesus appears, talking with Elijah and Moses.  To know the fullness of Jesus is to experience his role as one of the prophets who spoke into being what no one could imagine and as integral to life in all generations.  

Vocational Education in Honduras

Vocational Education is a key that opens doors for people to learn what they need now to earn a better living in the future. It is making a great impact in Honduras.

The Congo: A Little Help Goes a Long Way

There is always more need than we are able to support. Yet, one smile and one flicker of hope in the eyes of a child make it all worthwhile.

For the Iraqi Children

When the Iraqis fled their homes from Mosul last summer, they had little with them when they arrived in Jordan. The impending winter became a challenge that required an immediate solution.  A distribution to provide vouchers for children’s winter clothing had been planned, but seeing reports of rain, Father Emmanuel called the Orthodox Initiative to move the scheduled distribution up, bringing aid and relief to families before the storm came.


FIRM, Fresno Interdenominational Refugee Services was established over twenty years ago to assist with the needs of refugees, mainly Hmong, Lao, and Slavic, who now reside in the U.S.

Colorado Flood Letter

On September 13, 2013, more than a foot of rain fell on the farming community of Longmont, Colorado.  Water saturated the ground. Creeks and rivers rose. And the St. Vrain River broke out of its river bed, flooding hundreds of houses outside of the designated flood plain.

Devasted by Water

Late 2014, and mid-2015 mark the 10 year anniversaries of two of the largest disasters in recent history—December in Southern Asia and Africa; and August in the US along the Gulf Coast.

Where is God in the Midst of Destruction and Loss


When there’s a huge natural disaster, victims’ stories are broadcasted and people from around the world can hear their struggles. With all the destruction and loss, it’s hard not to ask the question, “Where is God in all this?”