United Church of Christ

KYP: Feeding Hungry Souls

Empty Bowls Feed Hungry Souls
A Minnesota congregation is creating or collecting scores of handmade pottery bowls to help fight hunger in their community.

KYP: 3 Great Loves in Action - Forever

Caring for Kids and Creation
Camp Adams, an Oregon outdoor ministry site, will forever be 'Forest First and Kid Focused.'

KYP: Celebrating ONA

Reaching a Milestone

The Open and Affirming Coalition welcomes church #1,500 to the UCC ONA movement.

KYP: New beginnings

A Joyous New Year

With the help of the Church, a refugee mother of four looks forward to reuniting with her children in early 2019.

KYP: A Blessed Christmas

A Refugee Nativity
A landmark Philadelphia church replaces its traditional live Christmas crèche with a refugee tent.

KYP: Anticipating Change

Attending to the Issues of a Changing Church
Almost 200 Conference and Association ministers focused on adapting to our rapidly-changing culture during the Authorized Ministry in the 21st Century (AM21) gathering in San Diego.

KYP: Blessings at Christmas

Unto Us a Child is Born

In their video Christmas card, the National Officers of the United Church of share the blessings and love of this sacred season.

KYP: Looking to Christmas

Remember the Power of Love

In his Christmas Message, United Church of Christ General Minister and President the Rev. John C. Dorhauer urges the wider church to use the power of love.

KYP: Love Leads

Aid and Accompaniment

UCC clergy, part of a delegation from NYC, travel to the border to learn more about what people fleeing Central America are facing when they arrive at the border and how they can help.

KYP: Counting Our Blessings

A Thankful Expression
At Thanksgiving, UCC CHHSM communities find a unique way to visualize how they are blessed.

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