NYE – Forms and Policies

Covenant Forms
NYE 2012 Youth Covenant Form
NYE 2012 Adult Covenant Form

Medical Forms
NYE 2012 Medical Release Form

Safe Church Policy
Safe Church Policy Concerning Abuse Prevention
Safe Church Self-Disclosure Questionnaire

Technology and Media
Media Release Form

Step by Step Guide for National Youth Event 2012 Registration

Getting Started
The primary contact should be the first person to begin the registration process for your group. If you are not attending, select “Registrar – Not Attending”. After you submit your information, you will be prompted to “Add Attendee”.  Add your group’s “Adult Group Leader”, the main contact who will be physically present during NYE.

Adding Attendees
As you enter your attendees, you must enter your group name the same each time. Entering the same name for your group helps insure each attendee is assigned to the same residence hall.

Questions and Information Requested
You will be prompted to answer questions regarding your groups travel information, such as expected arrival and departure information and method of transportation.

Please enter the total number of Youth and Adult attendees associated with your group. You are not held to this number.  It will be used for the NYE Staff planning purposes.

Emergency Contact(s)
The next series of questions refer to Emergency Contacts. We require at least one emergency contact per attendee.  Only one is required. We ask the relationship to the attendee.

Housing and Roommate Requests
We ask that you match your attendees with roommates within your group. Purdue University Residence Halls only allow two attendees per room (2 youth or 2 adults). Roommate requests must be mutual and noted on each person’s registration. Adults will have the opportunity to purchase an upgrade to a single room for an additional $75. Roommates can be assigned at a later date but no later than May 21, 2012.

Special Needs
In order to provide a safe and comfortable experience for all attendees, please provide complete answers to the Special Needs section. We will ask the following questions:
•    Do you serve as a special needs caregiver for an attendee? What is that person’s name and are they an adult or a youth attendee?
•    Do you require a special needs caregiver? What is that person’s name and are they an adult or a youth attendee?
•    Identify any special needs: mobility, medical, dietary, allergies, or other. Please select all the boxes that apply to that attendee.  A text box will appear for you to provide details about these needs.

Workshops and Service Projects
Workshops and Service Projects are being added as they are confirmed. We will ask attendees to select their preference. Service project placements are limited to one day of service projects to provide an opportunity for other attendees to share in this experience. This policy will be strictly enforced.

Policies, Terms and Conditions
Each attendee must agree to adhere to the policies of United Church of Christ and Purdue University. The Adult Group Leader accepts responsibility for insuring that all attendees, parents and guardians associated with the group are familiar with the UCC Safe Policy, Covenants, Media Release Form and the terms and conditions required for registration. The forms are posted on this registration, on the main registration page as well as the www.ucc.org/nye website. Electronic signature is acceptable on all forms. A hard copy of the Medical Release Form will be required to travel with the Adult Group Leader. The forms may be downloaded and either emailed to NYE2012@purdue.edu or uploaded to the attendees registration.

Payment and Adding Additional Attendees
The payment page is next. If you are registering without payment, please select the check option. A minimum payment of $100 is required per attendee. You will be asked to add another attendee. You will repeat these steps for each attendee with slightly different questions for adults and youth. If you need to add registrations after your initial batch, just register them as attendees.  You will not need to register yourself again.

Please refer to your confirmation letter for your group name. You will need to refer to your group by this name in all correspondences.