Worship Resources

“>Creating the Beloved Community: Invocation, Confession and Assurance of Pardon For Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend
Easter Season “Sermon Seeds” for Sacred Conversation on Race
John Thomas 2008 Sermon
Prayer of Confession from the Amistad Dedication
Prayer of Confession, for Racial Justice Sunday
Call to Worship litany adapted from Trinity UCC
“Sacred Conversation,” a hymn by Jim Ahrend
Pastoral Prayer: Open our Hearts to Dialogue
Confesión / Prayer of Confession
Confession: Racial Justice Sunday
O Compassionate Healer: Prayers for Racial Justice Sunday
Like Trees by the Water: Prayer for Racial Justice Sunday
Toward A Just and Beloved Community: Litany for Martin Luther King, Jr. Sunday
To the “Still Speaking Church”: Prayer for Martin Luther King, Jr. Sunday
Readers’ Theatre: Words of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Prayer for the UCC by COREM
For Courage, for Peace, for Unity: COREM Prays for the United Church of Christ
A Communion Prayer for Trinity Sunday
We Cannot Rest on Remembering: Prayer for Amistad Sunday 

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