Pentecost 24C — October 16

The Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost V
October 16, 2022
“Give Us Justice”

Call to Worship
One: Righteous One, you are ever listening.
Many: We come boldly, lifting our praise to you, because we know you hear us.
One: Bringer of Justice, you reveal truth to us.
Many: You help us to see how things are and how they can be.
One: Eternal God, you persist in love and justice.
Many: We want to persist in love and justice too.

Righteous One, we are thankful that justice flows from you like a stream. You bid us to come and experience the equity of your love. We rejoice in knowing that justice is an aspect of your love and is without end. Enable us to be steadfast in our hope in you as we work alongside you to ensure those who need justice receive it. Amen

Prayer for Transformation and New Life
Source of Wisdom, we confess that at times, we can be self-serving, and we lose sight of community. Sometimes, we don’t respect you, ourselves, or each other. Yet, you are just toward us even when we are not. We know that we can trust you, so we yield our hearts and minds to you. You are persistent in your desire to restore us because you want us to have what is best for us. Thank you for this moment of transformation. We give you thanks that we are better for it. Amen.

Words of Grace
God is the source and provider of grace, love, and justice, and because we are Imago Dei, we have the assurance that those gifts flow through us. They flow through us, to us. God’s justice makes a difference in us and compels us to show up in the fullness of who we are.

Invitation to Generosity
God’s justice is persistent in affecting change and invites us to be liberal and tenacious in our giving. Let us bring gifts to further justice and peace wherever they are desired and needed. Let these resources be used to facilitate a just peace for all. Amen.

Prayer of Dedication and Thanksgiving
Steadfast One, receive our gifts in the gladness we give them. Thank you that we have an abundance of resources to share so that every need is met. May we always give from wide open hearts, and may what we give, be used to bring a balm of justice. Amen.

As you depart this space, may you be committed to persisting in prayer. May you add your voice with those who cry out for justice and take the actions to ensure justice prevails. Go forth knowing that you are heard, and you can hear. God is with you, now GO IN GOD. Amen.

Give Us Justice: Service Prayers for the Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost were written by Rev. Teña T. Nock, Associate Pastor of Digital Ministry, First United Church of Tampa, United Church of Christ.