Living Psalm 139 – Pentecost 7 A Cranford

Living Psalms Book

Psalms in the form of words and art, reborn in the specific contexts of our world, privileging the voices of historically marginalized communities and those acting in solidarity with them.

Living Psalm 139 for Pentecost 7 (A)

Holy Lord, you’ve searched for me, and known me.
You know when I rest, and when I get ready.
You know my thoughts.
You know the mundane and ordinary parts of my day,
and the highs and lows.
You know everything about me.
Nothing is hidden.
You know what I am about to say before the word is formed on my lips.
You guard me, behind me, before me, above me, below me.
You’ve protected me with your hand.

I am sort of frustrated!
It’s inconceivable to me, like some cosmic mystery.
I can’t get away from you, you are always there.
Where can I go to escape your Spirit?
If I flew at the speed of light or walked into a parallel universe,
       you’d be there. 
If I rise to the celestial bodies
       you would be there,
If I floated in the depths of the earth
       you would be there.
If I soared with the dawning Sun,
even If I slept by the farthest ocean,
       You are there.

Your hand will guide me,
Your Strong arm will hold me fast.

If I say, “The night will hide me in its bruises,
and the light will turn to darkness,”
You could find me. 
For darkness isn’t dark to you.
You see into the night like a bright light.
Darkness doesn’t bother you.

Look me over, O God, and discern my heart;
test me and understand my thoughts.
See if there are any wrongful, hurtful, evil thoughts in me,
and lead me to walk a righteous path forever.

Living Psalm   139 for Pentecost  7 (A) was written by  Bec Cranford.

Living Psalms Book is created by UCC Witness & Worship Artists’ Group, a Network of UCC connected artists, activists and ministers bridging the worship and liturgy of the local church with witness and action in the community. 

Logo is detail from Living Psalm 80 by Sophia Beardemphl, Redwoods, CA. Recovering from significant bullying, Sophia, age nine, read Psalm 80 and  thought of brokenness that needs mending. She drew this broken and mended bowl.

© Copyright 2020 Bec Cranford.  Permission granted to reproduce or adapt this material for use in services of worship or church education.  All publishing rights reserved. 

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