Living Psalm 24–Pentecost 7B

Living Psalms Book

Psalms in the form of words and art, reborn in the specific contexts of our world, privileging the voices of historically marginalized communities

and those acting in solidarity with them.


Living Psalm  24–for  Pentecost 7B

Entrance into the Temple of David Reimaged

You belong to God. The earth is God’s, everything you can imagine belongs to God. The world, the diversity of people and creatures who inhabit it. Yahweh created space and us, Yahweh created the oceans, the rivers, and the land. Who can climb the hill of God’s great holy place? Who can stand firm and have the authority to be in this holy and sacred place?

Those who have pure, sanitized hands and whose hearts are connected to the heart of the Holy One of the Universe. They are the ones who do not engage with those ones that come to us with gossip, rumors, innuendos and that do not honor any part of the Body of Christ. Stop embracing that which is false. Don’t know if it is or isn’t true? Then don’t say anything. Do not bring multiple faces to deceive the Holy One and to cast aspirations against your siblings.

The ones who remain faithful and pure will receive their blessings from the Sovereign. They will not need to defend themselves against evil ones that come quietly saying, “did you hear about…” God will vindicate you regardless of the seeds others may attempt to plant. Stay faithful. Stay rooted. The God of your salvation is always with you.

Embrace those who seek God’s face and strive to live according to will of God for them. Continue to seek the face of the God of Jacob and direction for you as you journey your path. Lift up your heads, walk with certainty as you encounters those things you must embrace or overcome. Celebrate God’s divine mystery in you as doors open before you. God makes the impossible possible. Our God may be waiting at the door or gate in your life where you least expect to see and encounter the Sacred. Eyes wide open.

Who is the Holy One in glory? It is your God; strong, mighty, transformative, loving, and compassionate is God. God is mighty in the battles of life, the battles of your life and in the ones that you thought there was “no way. God is the way.


Living Psalm  24-Pentecost 7B was written by Justo González II.

Living Psalms Book is created by UCC Witness & Worship Artists’ Group, a Network of UCC connected artists, activists and ministers bridging the worship and liturgy of the local church with witness and action in the community. 

Logo is detail from Living Psalm 80 by Sophia Beardemphl, Redwoods, CA. Recovering from significant bullying, Sophia, age nine, read Psalm 80 and  thought of brokenness that needs mending. She drew this broken and mended bowl.

© Copyright 2021 Justo González II.  Permission granted to reproduce or adapt this material for use in services of worship or church education.  All publishing rights reserved. 

Living Psalm 24–Pentecost 7B