Living Psalm 146–Pentecost 15B


Shadow of Kabul, Summer 2021

Psalms in the form of words and art, reborn in the specific contexts of our world, privileging the voices of historically marginalized communities and those acting in solidarity with them.

Praise the HOLY ONE! Praise GOD, O my soul!

Do not put your trust in rulers, in mortals,

      who depend on their own strength,

      who trust only their own wisdom,

      who create mythology of half-truths and wishes:

      No help there!

Long before their breath departs

their plans perish:

      good intentions wear out,

      double-dealings trick tricksters,

      political conundrums set traps in a maze.

      No help there—

      Confusion, exhaustion, mourning, despair

      as we ponder again

      “What went wrong?”

Start over.

Humility first, before the HOLY ONE

      Creator of all,  heaven and earth and sea and all living creatures,

      who keeps faith with even the last and least.

Make space for awe.

Imagination next,  steeped in the mind of the HOLY,

      who intends  justice, abundance, freedom for all.

Let stories of welcome, of sharing, of reconciliation take root.

Curiosity, then, about the stranger, messenger of the HOLY,

      compassion for the helpless, healing for the wounded,

      generosity with the blessing of earth’s plenty.

Let action be  born of love’s labor, 

      creating with the HOLY that “new thing” we long for:

      A world at peace.

Praise the HOLY ONE! Praise GOD, O my soul!

Living Psalm146—Pentecost 15B  was written by Susan Blain.

Living Psalms Book is created by UCC Witness & Worship Artists’ Group, a Network of UCC connected artists, activists and ministers bridging the worship and liturgy of the local church with witness and action in the community. 

Logo is detail from Living Psalm 80 by Sophia Beardemphl, Redwoods, CA. Recovering from significant bullying, Sophia, age nine, read Psalm 80 and  thought of brokenness that needs mending. She drew this broken and mended bowl.

© Copyright 2021 Susan Blain.  Permission granted to reproduce or adapt this material for use in services of worship or church education.  All publishing rights reserved. 

Living Psalm 146–Pentecost 15B