Interfaith Day of Prayer – Prayer from Simone Campbell


Oh Spirit!


Simone Campbell

Interfaith Day of Prayer

May 7, 2020




Oh Spirit!


In the very first stanza of Genesis in the very first book of the Bible, it is recounted that you hovered over the waters of chaos and, over time, brought forth a new creation.

As the Coronavirus spreads chaos and fear across our world, breathe over these waters of chaos and bring forth something new.


Oh Spirit!


Open our eyes that we might see anew the intricate web of relationships that make us one creation. Open our eyes that we might see that we are all brothers and sisters, one family.

Open our eyes that we might see anew the beauty of our one family this treasured creation.


Oh Spirit!


Open our ears that we might hear the crises of those who are lost and forgotten.

Open our ears that we might hear the encouragement of our brothers and sisters.

Open our ears that we might hear your wee small voice within this chaotic time.


Oh Spirit!


Open our hands, unclench them when we tighten up in anxiety and worry.

Open our hands that while we cannot touch, we can reach out, wave, be connected.

Open our hands that we may find a way to support, create, endure when we feel alone.


Oh Spirit!


Breathe over our waters of chaos and call forth a new creation. Call us to be alive in our connection with each other, even though we are distanced. Let us know our oneness in you. Let this moment be a new beginning where we live in you with insight, generosity and compassion.


Please, make of us a new creation in this time of chaos.


Oh Spirit!


Sister Simone Campbell

American Roman Catholic Sister, lawyer, lobbyist, social justice advocate, executive director of NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice and architect of Nuns on the Bus. She belongs to the Sisters of Social Service, U.S.