Interfaith Day of Prayer – Prayer from Rev. Dr. Otis Moss, Jr.


  Prayer from Rev. Dr. Otis Moss, Jr


Interfaith Day of Prayer

May 7, 2020




Eternal God, we pray for healing in the midst of this global disease – this troubling pandemic. All the nuclear weapons created by human intelligence are powerless before this world-wide and destructive disease. We need your eternal wisdom to guide our minds, motives and actions.


Teach us how to be healers with and for each other in the face of every disease and sickness.


Give us spiritual wholeness and sacred unity in the presence of physical and social distancing.


Save us we pray from the pandemic of moral and spiritual decay in the face of daily stress and strain.


Help us, dear God, to be disciples of truth and apostles of love and liberation. Help us to be candles and lanterns of love and justice in a world of hate and injustice.


Teach us how to be reconciled by the healing of broken hearts and wounded spirits. Give us knowledge, wisdom and courage to proclaim release to the oppressed.


In a world deeply wounded with doubt, despair and hate, empower us daily with faith, hope and love.  Give us courage to share these abiding necessities with everyone everywhere in your Name.


By your amazing grace, teach us how to be a family sharing your daily bread not for the greed of only a few but for the needs of all your children.

In the Name of Jesus the Christ, Redeemer and Liberator.  Amen


Rev. Dr. Otis Moss, Jr.                                                                                                              

Pastor Emeritus, Olivet Institutional Baptist Church, Cleveland, public theologian, author, political activist, and advisor to President Jimmy Carter.