Interfaith Day of Prayer – Prayer from Margaret Noodin


(ojibwe language – Anishinaabemowin and English)

Nana’isanishinaam / Bring Us Peace


 Margaret Noodin

Interfaith Day of Prayer

May 7, 2020



Gizhawenimimin Gichidibenjiged

We are blessed by you Lord


ezhi-aanikoobidooyan gakina gegoo.

you who connects all being.


Gizhawenimimin Giizis

We are blessed by you Sun



you give us light and strength.


Gizhawenimimin Dibiki-giizis

We are blessed by you Moon


gikinooamawiyaang zaagaasidiyaang.

you teach us the importance of reflection.


Gizhawenimimin Mashkiig

We are blessed by you Land and Water


ezhi-ditibiziyan wenji-bimaadiziyaang.

your circulation supports our living.


Apii zhawenimiyaang, zhawenimangidwaa.

As we are blessed, we bless others.


Apii zaagiiyaang, zaagiangidwaa.

As we are loved, we love others.


Apii noojimoiyaang, noojimoangidwaa.

As we are healed, we heal others.


Apii inawenimigooyan, inawenindiyaang.

As we are related to you, we are related to one another.


Naadamawishinaam daga noongom

Help us all now


Nagamotawishinaam daga noongom

Sing to us all now


Nanaaishinaam daga noongom

Repair us all now


Nanaisanishinaam daga Gichidibenjiged.

Bring peace to all our souls O Lord.


Margaret A. Noodin 

American poet and Anishinaabemowin language teacher, a Professor of English and American Indian Studies at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee.