Interfaith Day of Prayer – Prayer from Julia A. Shearson


In the Name of God, Most Merciful and Compassionate


 Julia A. Shearson

Interfaith Day of Prayer

May 7, 2020




In the Name of God, Most Merciful and Compassionate


Verily you are our Lord, our Creator and Sustainer. Heaven and Earth testify to your Glory.

Your Dominion knows no bounds. You give us life and breath. Nothing can befall us except what you have ordained. We seek refuge in you from our present calamity.


You have humbled our might in the face of Nature.


We are afraid. Yet, we trust your infinite wisdom and know our destiny is in your hands. Grant us the steadfastness to endure so we can emerge as better caretakers of our fellow man and wiser stewards of the Earth, our only home.


You have foiled our divisions and cleaved us to each other.


Help us bring nations and peoples together to end our afflictions. Help us use science and reverence to prevent future catastrophes. Reset the balance of our lives in harmony with our natural world.


You have shown us the diseases of our bodies and hearts.


You hold a mirror to reveal more starkly each day our iniquitous societies. Guide us to use the wealth of our storehouses not for those who want more but for those who genuinely want. Support our local businesses and those in need. Replace our vainglory with compassion. Help us build a sustainable world that is peaceful and just.


You have put us to work in healing ways.


Bolster our heroes who risk their safety to serve and save others. Care for the elderly. Educate all children equally, house the bereft, protect prisoners who cannot escape the virus. Console those who could not hold the hand of a loved one near death. Give dignity and gentle rest to those who have died.


You have charted a steady course.


Make us patient. Set science at the helm and let mercy be our guide star.

When it is time, help us emerge transformed. 


Julia A. Shearson

Executive Director, Council for American Islamic-Relations-Ohio, Cleveland Office.