Interfaith Day of Prayer – Prayer from Jim Wallis


Prayer from Jim Wallis


Interfaith Day of Prayer

May 7, 2020



Oh Lord, teach us to do what Ephesians 5:16 bluntly commands “Redeem the time, for the days are evil.” Teach us to see what you have revealed; how the days before the unexpected onslaught of a killer virus were already evil with untruths, unequal suffering, and the acceptance of people made disposable. May the sight of so many dying and dying alone from this plague, teach us how to value life and every life more than ever before. When racism and poverty are now revealed as pre-conditions for getting sick and dying, show us that our divisions will always prevent our becoming a healthy people and nation—that our common health is required for our common good. When economic metrics are put over human lives, show us that only a moral economy will make for human flourishing. When the most vulnerable are made disposable show us that we all become at risk and that our Lord’s focus on “the least of these” ultimately protects us all. When a pandemic becomes political and even partisan, help us to re-examine everything from your perspective that sees all of us as your children, equally made in your image and likeness.


May the prayer you taught us become our daily meditation; to give us our daily bread to share, to forgive our debtors, to lead us not into the temptation to withdraw from our neighbors, and proclaim your kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.


Make us “patient in tribulation” as we have been encouraged, to “pray without ceasing” for those who need our prayers, and to “redeem the time” as we finally learn how evil these days really are.  


Jim Wallis

Evangelical public theologian, author, teacher, political activist; founder and editor of Sojourners magazine and Sojourners, the community of faith leaders, U.S.