Interfaith Day of Prayer – Prayer from Dionne Boisierre


Prayer from Dionne Boisierre


Interfaith Day of Prayer

May 7, 2020



Holy One, tragedy compels us to be still and remember that you are God. We turn to you our refuge and strength and implore you to be present with us in this time of trouble. All-seeing God please look now upon the whole of creation as it is groaning with the pains of new life, re-birth, and under the shadow of COVID19. We are groaning from the waves of collective grief and suffering; from the risk to lives and livelihood; from inept leadership, and spiritual wickedness in high places; from deep and ugly wounds of institutional racism and medical apartheid – O God, creation is groaning and weeping. We weep for those who are no more, and the list of ALL that was and is no more. Master Physician, as your healing is now taking place in the earth, may humanity experience the same healing in body, soul and mind.  Be a healing balm O God over our families, communities, cities, hospitals, nursing homes and shelters.  Breathe on us the hope of resurrection and help us accept the invitation to rest, create and be renewed for the journey ahead. God of every nation and tongue, help us recognize how connected we are with our siblings across the globe. May we now see clearly that the Body of Christ is so much larger than one congregation or denomination. May we see every member of the Body as a sacred part of a global village -inextricably bound by Your unconditional and liberating love. As one member mourns, rejoices, and heals, so do we all. Sovereign God help us focus less on constraints and fear; but rather consider that we are all a part of a new vision for the hope of many nations and the healing of our world.  In Your name we pray – Amen


Rev. Dionne Boissière

Chaplain of the Church Center for the United Nations