Tips for People Who Use Drugs and People at Risk of Overdose

  • Use harm reduction strategies to prevent overdose such as: use less; use slow; try not to use alone; have someone check on you; use fentanyl test strips; have a lot of naloxone/Narcan and know how to use it
  • Practice safer drug use including minimizing the need to share supplies, minimizing contact with others, and preparing your drugs yourself.
  • Prepare for a shortage and stock up on supplies, drugs, and medication, if possible.
  • Develop a safety plan in case of overdose anticipating slower than average responses from 911. Have ample naloxone available. If you are using alone, consider using online/phone-based services such as Never Alone Project who can summon assistance in case of OD. If you are using with others, stagger use if possible. Store a breathing mask in case rescue breathing is necessary