Holy Week Anti Semitism

Perspectives on Palm Sunday/Holy Week:
Sue Blain  blains@ucc.org
Minister for Worship and Gospel Arts

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Entering the Passion of Jesus:  A Beginner’s Guide to Holy Week
Amy-Jill Levine © 2018 Abingdon Press

Preaching God’s Transforming Justice Year A;  Ottoni-Wilhelm, Allen and Andres, eds; © 2013 Westminster John Knox Press.  Notes on Matthew’s Passion Narrative begin on page 178

Holy Week and Anti-Semitism

Beliefnet:  Amy-Jill Levine article:

America Magazine reprint of RE Brown article:

International Council of Christians and Jews: Matthew’s Gospel and Judaism, by Dorothy Lee http://www.jcrelations.net/Matthew’s+Gospel+and+Judaism.2201.0.html?L=3

The Jewish Annotated New Testament  (NRSV);  Amy-Jill Levine and Marc Zvi Brettler, eds © 2011 Oxford University  Press.  Verse by verse notes on Matthew 26-27 begin on page 47

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