After Pentecost — September 18

The Fifth Sunday after Pentecost Year C
September 18, 2022
“No Balm in Gilead”

Call to Worship
One: Divine Parent, you feel what we feel.
Many: Our joys and our pains are yours too.
One: Divine Healer, you delight in our wholeness.
Many: You are the balm for our heavy-laden hearts and souls.
One: Giver of life, you are able to renew us
Many: We open ourselves to you, have your way within us.

Divine Nurturer, we are thankful that we can come to you any time. You have made it possible for us to come, as we are however, we are. We rejoice in knowing that you walk with us whether the road is rough or smooth. You are steadfast. Help us to nurture our relationship with you, ourselves, and each other so that we may be a balm when none can be found. Amen.

Prayer for Transformation and New Life
Source of Wholeness, we confess that sometimes our goals don’t align with yours, and we get lost. At times, we have pursued power, knowledge, and wealth instead of you, who are the source of all. We know that you are the balm we need, and we turn ourselves towards you. You are steadfast in your love and justice. Help us to be the same, help us to be a balm to others as you are to us. Amen.

Words of Grace
The Divine one is steadfast in love, justice, and righteousness. Know that we are called and empowered to do the same. In a chaotic world, we can know peace, and in a chaotic world, we can be at peace. May God’s grace be a balm for us, and may we be a balm to and for others. Amen.

Invitation to Generosity
God’s love is steadfast and abundant. We are blessed to give from hearts of love that others might experience abundance. May the gifts we bring be used to supply whatever balm is needed, wherever it is needed. May these resources be used to facilitate the wholeness of all. Amen.

Prayer of Dedication and Thanksgiving
Steadfast One, receive our gifts in the gladness we give them. Thank you that we have an abundance of resources to share so that every need is met. May we always give from wide open hearts, and may what we give, be used to bring a balm of justice. Amen.

As you enter into everyday life again, let the balm you received be the balm that you gladly share with others. Go forth in the wholeness of God’s steadfast love. Amen.

No Balm in Gilead: Service Prayers for the Fifth Sunday after Pentecost were written by Rev. Teña T. Nock, Associate Pastor of Digital Ministry, First United Church of Tampa, United Church of Christ.