Society of St. Andrew

Society of St. Andrew (Gleaning America’s Fields – Feeding America’s Hungry)

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               Harvest of Hope Mission Trips:   (various locations throughout the USA)

The Society of St. Andrew brings people together to harvest and share healthy food, reduce food waste, and build caring communities by offering nourishment to hungry neighbors.

Project/Focus: The Gleaning Network of the Society of St. Andrews coordinates volunteers, growers, and distribution agencies to salvage this food for people who live with hunger. 

Educational/Advocacy Components:  One major area of food waste in America is in farmers’ fields, where crops that don’t meet top-grade quality are left to rot or to be plowed under.  Gleaning is the traditional biblical practice of gathering crops that would otherwise be left in the fields to rot, or be plowed under after harvest.  Hundreds of thousands of pounds of food each year is distributed through the coordination of the Society of St. Andrews.  

Time:  Most gleaning are in the morning and last three to four  hours.  Gleanings are scheduled week days and on Saturdays.

Minimum Age: People of all ages can glean.  Gleaners should be able to bend over and should be able to bend and lift several pounds of produce. 

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