Stillspeaking 2.0 Social Media Postcards

We are inviting churches in 6 select Conferences to participate with us in distributing these 16 new social media postcards. Each postcard highlights an aspect of the United Church of Christ that makes us unique. The humor, the wit, and the edgy stances in some of these are designed to draw attention to our unique perspective on the gospel; and to attract those for whom the church may seem too out of touch, or too stodgy, or too judgmental.
Our hope is that over the next year, in full cooperation with our local churches and their members, we can take full advantage of social media and create a buzz about a Church that is Open, Inclusive, Courageous, Relevant, Vital, Compassionate, Understanding, Welcoming, Hospitable – well, you get the idea.
This page contains the 16 postcards along with instructions (see below) on how to use them. You will also find a link to a pdf that shows all the postcards in one place, along with suggested status copy.
Have fun with these! We recommend using about two of them a week. Make sure every member of your church has a chance to play along. See how many reposts, retweets, shares, likes, loves, etc. you can generate with each one. Add your own witty banter to each postcard as you post them.
How to Use the New UCC Social Media Postcards

1. Choose the postcard(s) you would to post.  Click on the image(s).
2. You will either be prompted to save the image or the full-sized image will appear in a new browser window and you can save it from there.
3. We recommend choosing one or two a week, and spacing them out between now and December 31. (We expect new images to be available shortly after Jan. 1.)
4. Post on your Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram – or any other social media outlet you are using.
5. Go to to find suggested brief and somewhat witty explanations of the postcards; but you may think of something just as clever. Feel free to modify the explanations. Please take the time to play with this part – and have fun doing it!
6. Record the number of “likes” and “shares” your postcard(s) receive, and provide that feedback to your Conference Minister by December 31.
7. If there are any reactions or there is any feedback of note, please pass that on to your Conference office. This is the pilot project for a program that we will utilize for the next year. Feedback on what is working, what missed the mark, how readers are responding or reacting – matter to us. If there are any valuable insights that occur as you are engaged in this, please share those stories with us so that we can make good use of them.