Conference / Association Forms


Beginning August 1, 2014, CARD will no longer be receiving paper forms for processing in the Data Hub. Conferences and Associations will have the ability to make all necessary changes within the Data Hub. 

However, if you would like to continue utilizing these forms for your Conference or Association’s own information collection purposes, we have provided blank copies of each of the forms. These blank forms are available below in PDF and Word format.

A few notes about these forms: The PDF format maintains all of the appropriate drop-down selections so that individuals can complete the form by computer and then print the completed version. We advise that these forms not be printed prior to completion since the drop-down selections on some of the forms will not be visible. Also, please note that the Word formatting will depend greatly on the version on your computer. We strongly suggest editing this form in the manner that is most helpful for you, while still maintaining consistency with the information fields in the Data Hub.

Yearbook Forms

Church Information

Local Church Report Form (PDF) | Local Church Report Form (Word)

Ministerial Support Form (PDF) | Ministerial Support Form (Word)

Church Officers Form (PDF) | Church Officers Form (Word)

Video tutorials are available now!

Adding Conference information to the Conference tab (video)

Form Templates for Internal Conference/Association Use

People Update Form – This form is typically used when a person needs to be added or removed (inactivated) from your Conference/Association, or when there are any other changes to a person’s information.
PDF  |  Word

New Church Form – This form is typically used when there is a new church start or a church gains standing in the UCC.             
  |  Word  

Merged Church Form – This form is typically used when two or more churches have merged to form one congregation.
  |  Word

Church Removal Form –  This form is typically used when a church no longer wishes to be affiliated with the UCC or has closed. 
  |  Word

Necrology Form – This form is typically used for deceased ministers in conjunction with the People Update Form.

Information Review

Information Review Form: As part of the covenantal relationship between authorized ministers and their Association / Conference, each Commissioned, Licensed or Ordained Minister is asked to fill out an annual Information Review for the Committee on Ministry where their standing is held. The practice of providing Information Reviews to all authorized ministers on an annual basis is robust in some Associations/ Conferences but is not consistent across the life of the church. This year, CASA and MESA are jointly offering a sample Information Review Form for Committees on Ministry to use. Please send this form either physically or electronically to all authorized minsters, including those serving in specialized minstry settings. Feel free to adapt the form to the needs of your Association / Conference. Please refer to section 8 of the UCC Manual on Ministry for background on the practice of Information Reviews. Additional questions can be directed to Rev. Elizabeth Dilley, or 216-736-3841.

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